The Let’s Get Movin’! philosophy is to encourage children to be compassionate and kind. The program builds a sense of community that extends outside of the classroom. We understand all the pressures with academics, athletics, and busy lifestyles that families face. Your child will learn relaxation of the mind and body combined with health, nutrition, and wellness education.  The Let’s Get Movin’! yoga program integrates movement, music, singing, and dancing while stretching and strengthening the body. Breathing techniques are taught to help with anxiety, stress, focus, and relaxation. Yoga is a wonderful addition to or an alternative for other physical activities. Athletic children will benefit from the stretching of muscles that are used to play sports. Children who experience anxiety will benefit from the breathing techniques that calm the body. Our website: provides additional information about the program and our background.  We are passionate about yoga and we are excited to share the benefits of it with your family.

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