Let’s Get Movin’! Assembly Program

with Miss Alicia

Program Description:

Our school program is interactive and educational promoting healthy lifestyles through movement and nutrition. Both are key components to keeping the body strong. This program is designed to inspire, empower, and motivate children with an “I can do anything” attitude. Children will gain confidence and self-awareness through the positive messaging incorporated in the program. They will learn to love their bodies the way they are. Nutrition education will teach children about ChooseMyPlate and making healthy choices about food. Goal setting is incorporated to help children believe they can achieve their dreams. Musical instruments and singing are combined with movement and dancing as an alternative to classic exercise that will give children a chance to let go and have fun. The yoga poses will help strengthen the body. Breathing techniques are designed to help with anxiety, stress, focus, calming, and relaxing. Children will learn life skills to take with them everywhere. This fun and interactive program will leave the children feeling positive and energized.

Length of Program: 1 hour

Programs are designed: for Libraries, Day Care Centers, Preschools, grades K-5th, 6th-8th, and High School

Discounts: Help book another program in your area for the same day and receive a $50 discount on your program

Refer another program for a different day and receive a $25 discount

Receive a signed copy of “Miss Lyla’s Banana Pancakes to the Rescue” for your Library.

Space Requirements: Open space (cafeteria/gym/open room)

Cost: Please email Alicia.Armstrong.RD@gmail.com for your quote

School Assembly Picture 7Alicia Armstrong, RDN, LD, CDE, RYT-500, has taught educational programs in yoga and nutrition for 10 years. Alicia has worked in New Hampshire, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts, with thousands of children. She is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Yoga Teacher that loves to get children moving and educate them in interactive ways about nutrition and wellness. She started Let’s Get Movin’! in 2010 and is the Author of “Miss Lyla’s Banana Pancakes to the Rescue!”. Her high energy helps empower children to dream big and never give up. Her calming energy helps children learn how to be mindful, respectful, compassionate, kind and love their own body. Her programs help build a sense of community that extends beyond the classroom. She believes in teaching her motivational saying to children: “Get Healthy, Get Movin’! & Give Back”.

School Assembly Picture 4